Get Familiar With a Variety of Online Slot Games 

Online slot games are a major attraction of every casino residing on the internet. Undoubtedly, the online slot arena is evolving so it becomes hard to know the individualities of the different kinds of slots. Slot games can be classified under a kind of game, jackpot types, reel amount, bet lines, pay lines, video quality and more.  You can visit Bingo Sites New to check reviews of many online slot websites.

3 reel slots 

3 reel slots are easy to understand. The screen shows 3 rows and columns. The middle is called ‘Payline’. When the lever is pushed, reel stops spinning and if the pay line matches with any winning combination given in the paytables the player wins the stated amount of money.

5 reel slots

It is an elaborate slot game form with 5 reels and one payline. The numbers are up to 100 so the player gets many winning combinations, on every spin. There will be more detailed paytables because of the extra reels and multiple pay lines. 

In the beginning, you can find it challenging, but you get a view of the associated paytables separately. Special features like scatter and wild symbols offer players more opportunities to win. Remember, you get more pay lines to choose, but you need to pay for every spin. Ensure to have good bankroll management skills when you bet on 5 reel slot games. 

Classic slots

Classic slot machines pay a tribute to the original ones that were operated with a lever. Contemporary online slots still release such games, but some aspects like paylines, number of reels, and other parameters can differ. Yet, the overall theme, the fruit symbols as well as the retro casino atmosphere is sustained. In many classic slots, you can play with three reels, plenty of pay lines, and simple bonus rounds.

Video slots

A video slot has 5 reels and hundreds of paylines. You can find a preferable thematic slot. Excellent sound effects, animations, and graphics make the gaming experience more engaging. Moreover, the main characteristics in the games are celebrities or members from musical groups or animated movies. 

Mega spin slots

It is an advanced gaming level where the payer gets to play a maximum of 9 games at the same time. Approximately, 45 reels start to spin as the player chooses a game and gives the button a push. It indicates that the chance to win jackpot multiplies. In mega spins, 3-reel slots are played, but there are some exceptions. 

Progressive slots

It is a grid of slot machines from all across the world that shares a huge jackpot. The game takes time to build a big progressive jackpot, but the lucky player walks away with lots of cash. The jackpot amount will depend on the number of players participating in the game. Different kinds of jackpots include –

  • Standalone progressive jackpot
  • Proprietary progressive jackpot
  • Network jackpot
  • Fixed jackpot


3D animated characters interact with players. Players get a narrative feel as every 3D slot offers different scenarios and storylines. 


The newest entry where players can develop their storyline spinning different combinations or take part in an advanced adventurous game. There are options to complete the game and activate plenty of bonus rounds. The most demanding player gets plenty of entertainment with I-slots.