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Reasonably good blackjack can be played by following a few easy memory rules. The blackjack strategy described below gives the player a payback percentage that is about half a percentage point lower than the theoretical maximum payback percentage, but it’s really easy to follow and you don’t need blackjack tables or other leverage to help you play.

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Doubling is possible when the idn poker player’s starting hand is between nine and eleven. When doubled, the player’s bet is doubled and he is dealt one additional card. After this, the player can no longer draw more cards.

Blackjack Strategy

This blackjack strategy is by no means perfect, but it is easy to learn and remember:

If you have an ace in your hand:

If the dealer’s card is 2-6:

  • Take the cards until 3pm
  • Doubles 16-18
  • Stay 19-21

If the dealer’s card is 7-10 or an ace

  • Take the cards until 7pm
  • Stay 19-21

If you don’t have an ace in your hand:

If the dealer’s card is 2-6

  • Take cards up to eight
  • Double 9-11
  • It stays 12-21

If the dealer’s card is 7-10 or an ace

  • Take cards until 4pm
  • Stay 17-21

In addition, these rules apply in all situations:

  • Take more cards if doubling is not possible
  • Divide all hands except 44, 55, and 1010
  • Never take out insurance or cash

Other Tips for Blackjack

Immediately after learning the basic strategy, the most important thing in playing blackjack is choosing the right place to play. The seemingly small rule variations have a really significant effect on the game’s return percentage. For example, blackjack at Casino Helsinki allows a player to play an additional game where the player can win extra winnings with good poker hands. This add-on game has a return percentage of about 93-94%, so it is by no means worth playing.

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Replace All Cards

Following the idn poker online strategy is quite simple. Just compare your own hand to the poker hands on the list and select the option at the top of the list. In many ways, this video poker strategy follows quite common sense, but at a few points the player should make some rather intuitive decisions. For example, a sure color or line should be sacrificed if it allows you to draw a royal line. Often players want to keep a sure win, but just looking at the expected values ​​of wins is the wrong way to play in this situation.

Other Tips for Video Blackjack

Many video Blackjack games include a doubling game where the player tries to guess the color of the card drawn from the deck. Unlike RAY’s old slot machines, video Blackjack played at an online casino always works well. So there is no house advantage of any kind in the doubling game, but the payback percentage of the doubling is always exactly 100 percent. The doubling game should always be played for as long as possible.

As with other slot games, in video Blackjack the bet is adjusted by selecting the number of coins to bet and the value of the coin. In many video Blackjack machines, the player gets some added benefit from using the highest bet level. So the player should always play at the maximum bet and adjust the value of the coins to suit their wallet.