Most Useful Guide On Betting On The Ashes Cricket Online

Ashes cricket betting is widely popular among worldwide cricket fans. With an extensive variety of Ashes betting markets and odds, this form of betting proves to be highly profitable for bettors, who very well understand the Test cricket dynamics.

Before placing a bet, a punter needs to develop the basic knowledge of a preferred market. Hence, if you are thinking of The Ashes cricket betting, then get your most supportive guide here. 

History Of The Ashes

First played in the year 1882, the word “The Ashes” is derived from a popular obituary, which is published in “The Sporting Times” British newspaper in 1882. It told that English cricket had died. The English cricket body will be cremated and the ashes then taken to Australia. The history of this cricket series revolves around two teams – Australia and England. The series between these 2 countries dates back to 1877, but at that time, it was nameless. The test match was going in favor of England. But, Australia returned from an unwinnable situation and got their win on the England land. 

After this loss of England team, British reporters formed a mock obituary. They went on to say that English people were going to Australia to get their ashes back into their country. The famous trophy (given to the winning team) is a small urn in which Australians had put the residue of some burned things and offer it to the winners. 

The Ashes Series Format

Among all free cricket betting tips given by the experts, the best tip is to understand The Ashes Series format. It has been the 5 match Test series. In 1975, there have been 2 occasions when test series has comprised 4 matches. There have been 8 occasions when the series has been played over 6 matches. Ashes series will be played over 5 test matches since 1997 when these series have been played in England. Each test lasts over 5 days. Thus, it could take up to 25 days to determine the winner. The winner of the most matches of the Ashes series will be considered as The Ashes winner. The previous Ashes winner will take the Ashes trophy along with them in case of tie or draw.

The Ashes Odds Explained

Reputable bookmakers online are providing the marvelous range of Ashes cricket betting odds. Place a bet on the match outcomes such as win, draw, or loss. You can also make pre-series bet on the Ashes series results or correct score markets. Other popular Ashes series betting markets include top team innings batsman, top series batsman, top team innings wicket-taker, a man of the match, top series wicket-taker, Ashes in play total wickets, Ashes in play total runs over-under.