Card Games from 2WinPower: Advantages and Choice

Card games were invented thousand years ago, and since that time they did not lose their popularity. What attracts gamblers most of all is that the winner is not the luckiest player but the most intelligent one.

2WinPower, a world-renowncompany in the sphere of online casino development, offers its magnificent collection of quality card games from exemplary companies for casino owners to delight their witty customers.

Why card games from 2WinPower are worth attention

  • Casino software of the highest quality. 2WinPower has become a successful online casino games development company only due to being obsessed with quality to ensure that both operators and player encounter no difficulties or troubles while using its
  • A wide choice of games. 2WinPower provides blackjack, poker, baccarat that will become a wonderful addition to any establishment and please even the most fastidious gambler.
  • A demonstration version of each game. Before buying or renting you can test 2WinPower products and see how everything works in practice.

What card games 2WinPower offers

During the whole period of being on the market, 2WinPower has managed to gather an impressive collection of games from exemplary slot game developers. For example, online casino owners can acquire the following card games created by one of the best casino game studios in the world —Microgaming:

  • 3 Card Poker Gold

Here a participant can play either the Pair Plus or the Ante or both of these games at the same time. The point is to acquire the strongest hand possible, particularly since all payouts go by what your hand ranks.

The Pair Plus game foresees payouts for certain hand combinations, and these payouts do not depend upon the dealer’s hand, so, to win Pair Plus, it is not compulsory for players to have a better hand. The Ante game has both normal and bonus payouts. Normal payouts (on the contrary to bonus ones) will depend on the ranking of your hand compared to the dealer’s one.

  • Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

In this game, the aim of a participant is to add cards with an acceptable number of points, so he/she should know how many points this or that card brings. Thus, cards with the value from 2 to 9 mean digits written on them. Cards from 10 to King guarantee 10 points. As for Ace, depending on a situation it can be equal to 1 or 11 points.

For creating combinations, the player can get different variants of payouts. For instance, if blackjack is formed in case of the output of the first 2 cards, the gambler can get a prize in the ratio of 3 to 2 (payout to bet). If the participant wins during the game, then the prize will be equal to credits paid for the bet. Also, the prize is foreseen for the insurance. If the dealer’s first card is Ace, the player will be advised to insure himself/herself in case his/her rival formed a blackjack. If the participant confirms this action and the dealer does have 21 points, payout in the ratio 2 to 1 is guaranteed.

  • Tens or Better Poker

In this video game, a standard 52-card deck is used and shuffled before each deal. In the beginning, a player will see 5 cards face down and should decide on the initial parameters — the value and the number of coins — as they will influence bets and payouts. Button Deal will help deal cards. After the deal, the player can leave some of the cards on the field and then click Draw to deal the rest again. After each winning combination, it is possible to double the prize. To activate this mode, the player has to click Double. Then he/she will see 5 cards the first one of which is open. The point is to choose out of the remaining 4 cards the one that can be bigger than the dealer’s card. If the prediction is false, the gambler loses everything that he/she won in the last round.

This is not the full list of card games in 2WinPower collection. Feel free to contact managers of this casino game development company to find out what else it can offer you.

Gambling software is 2WinPower’s speciality. Here you can get everything you need: live casino application development, platforms, slot game development, casino game design, useful consultations and so on. 2WinPower is your chance to start a real profitable business, please your customers and earn much money.