Fine Poker Playing As Per Your Requirement

You will soon multiply your value and be able to reach the value of your first thousand dollars playing only Online Poker. Bankroll control is one of the great secrets of professionals.

Increase the number of games

When you are a beginner poker online player, it is very common to start playing only a small number of screens per day. This is perfectly common and normal. But, as you get used to it, try to increase the number of screens daily to achieve your values ​​and goals faster and faster. The ideal is to achieve an exponential increase in games and start investing any time you can in Poker.

Step back

If at any time you are in a bad sequence of games, you lose about 30 to 35% of the amount you had reached in your account, the ideal and go back to the previous step and start again with lower values, until you reach a safer value.

This step is purely for safety, and you must be careful not to enter a series of losses that are difficult to recover with only minor games.

Elements of poker profitability: it works for you

It is the first book designed only for people who play the low limit poker games. The biggest poker strategy books are usually only thought for high risk tables and tournaments, where the stakes are absurd, reaching the four digits with ease.

In it, the 7 main elements of profitability in Poker are meticulously analyzed so that when any player joins a table, he does not feel lost and confused by all the surprising situations that can occur in a game.

Select starting hands according to position

This is a factor that about 90% of players, mainly of lower values, make fatal flaws in the games of Poker, and techniques and simple studies can start to bring you victories much more easily.

The correct initial selection can be the defining factor for your victory or defeat in online poker games and tournaments. In this chapter it is seen which is the best hand that should or should not play in each situation occurring at the table.

The mathematics of poker

This chapter is simple and straightforward. It analyzes the main precepts of poker mathematics and shows you everything you need to know in a simple way. Notions of mathematics are the basis of poker.

Post-flop strategy

Many players who reach this point do not know exactly how to act or what to do and make high and risky bets. This is never the ideal type of action, and there is always a strategy that must be applied to make the best profit post-flop.