Online slots from Pragmatic Play

Despite being a relatively young company, Pragmatic Play is one of the most successful and reputable software providers in the casino industry. Pragmatic Play, formerly known as TopGame, is a company that builds slot games that are featured in some of the most reputable and popular slot online casinos. In the European mecca of the online gaming industry, Pragmatic Play is located in Valletta, a small Mediterranean island country.  Best Slots Online – Play Free Slot Games & Win Real Money and get best casino experience!

Slots from Pragmatic Play for free

The mission of the company

As an international casino gaming provider, Pragmatic Play aimed high when they developed their vision. Although Pragmatic might not yet be there, the company is certainly making progress toward that goal.

It is essential that this provider build a long-term relationship with each of its clients, so the fact that casino operators keep adding Pragmatic Play’s slots to their library of games demonstrates that this provider is doing a good job.

Games of Pragmatic Play

Online casino games come in many shapes and sizes, but the ‘Slot’ reigns supreme. The majority of online casino players visit for the purpose of playing slots, and even those who play a range of other games won’t pass up the chance to spin the reels. This explains why Pragmatic Play focuses mostly on online slots.

Slot machines from Pragmatic Play

Slot online, its in-house developers, have generated over 150 original pragmatic play games to date. Almost 80 of these games are fully optimized for mobile devices and available on both desktop and mobile. Playing casino games on smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly popular, which is a sign that Pragmatic Play keeps up with the latest trends.

Pragmatic slots are popular and extremely playable, so it is difficult to choose only a few, but games such as  Hercules, Journey to the West – Mighty Kong, Son of Zeus, Dragon Kingdom, and Beowulf deserve special mention. The company develops modern, theme-based slots that are mostly focused on graphics, as well as classic slots, such as the 1,3, and 5-line games.

Licences and partnerships

Over 45 renowned companies are represented on the site, including some of the biggest names in the casino gaming industry, and include not only operators but also resellers and platform providers. The games by Pragmatic Play have become extremely popular among players throughout the world. Players from 78 different countries have access to the games so far, and the websites that feature the games contain information in 15 different languages.

Support & Integration

Many operators choose slot online because of more than just its games selection or multilingual support. Its approach and ability to integrate products are also significant factors.

Some of the games are downloadable, but there is also the option of playing them in real-time. In addition, operators can set bonuses and other features and configure the games according to their preferences. A Pragmatic product can also produce reports on all aspects, which can be categorized by time period, game, geographical region, and more.

With slot online user-friendly API, casino operators can seamlessly integrate and add the company’s games to their existing games library, and the company offers support 24 hours a day and assists operators throughout the integration process. To make gaming more enjoyable for everyone, they carefully monitor and track how their games react across different platforms. They aim to improve and optimize those games even further to enhance the overall gaming experience.