The types of poker player you might come up against

Poker is a complicated game. While plenty of people can make some serious money from the best hands, it takes time and effort to establish your strategies. You’ll likely even find that there are plenty of people out there, at NJ online casino rooms and otherwise, who have their own distinct styles of play.

Whether on or offline – what are some of the types of poker players you might come across during your career? Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect.

LAG players

Some of the poker players you’ll meet will likely lose more hands than those they win. These are referred to as LAGs or loose aggressives.

Believe it or not, while LAGs will generally only play around a quarter of all hands, they can still make serious money. They tend to play their hands ahead of the flop; therefore, they are likely to require more skill.

TAG players

TAG players, meanwhile, are tight aggressives. That means they are very selective; however, as the name suggests, they will be more forward in their play. Instead of expecting them to check your every move, they will likely raise or bet.

TAG players can be challenging to defend against, which means that you are going to need to consider your playing style and ways in which you can meet them midway.

Bingo players

Bingo players are, in other less pleasant terms, newbies. They are likely to fall prey to rookie mistakes, and more often than not, they are going to throw themselves into the game without any kind of strategy.

You might think that this is likely to be a bad thing when facing experienced pros; however, that is not always the case. If anything, newbies and bingo players are likely to be hard to read. That’s because they don’t have any kind of form or readability.


Sharks, as their names suggest, tend to be the most dangerous at the table. They are very hard to predict and to read, meaning that they know how to play people.

Sharks know that showing clear traits of being a pro or an expert is likely to be a wrong move. The moment even a rookie or newbie player gets a whiff of pro play, they are likely to get scared. Other pros, too, will likely try and outplay sharks if they give themselves away.

Sharks are great at misdirection. Watch what your opponents say and do at all times.

Can you categorize all players?

It’s not always possible to categorize absolutely everyone who plays poker. However, by learning the different moves that pros and newbies are likely to make, you could start turning the game to your advantage.

Why not start looking into a few tried and tested poker strategies in your own time and see how you get on? Who knows – you might just become a shark before you know it.