What Are Different Types Of Progressive Jackpots To Play Online?

A progressive slot is like regular slots with the only difference that these slots are the set of various slot machines connected to the same jackpot prize. There is no fixed jackpot value. It keeps on increasing with progress in gameplay.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

Just like various types of slot machines, progressive tragamonedas (slots) are also divided into several categories including the following –

Random Progressive Slots – This type of jackpot payout a small portion randomly based on the individual gameplay. This variety of slots is known by different names such as minor progressive slots, major progressive slots, and mysterious progressive slots. The winning amount of minor progressive slots is less but paid out most frequently. However, major progressive slots pay a big amount but on an irregular basis.

Standalone Progressive Slots –These types of jackpots have a fixed jackpot prize. The jackpot is offered as a reward for creating the right combination of symbols. The total amount of jackpot is calculated by taking out some percentage of coins from the player’s wagers and added to the jackpot prize when they use the coins to play the slot game. It is called a standalone progressive slot because it is not linked to any other slot machine.

Wide Progressive Jackpot Slots – As the name depicts itself, these are the wide progressive slots with the biggest wins. However, to enjoy these widely played slot games you have to find the biggest and well-renowned sites. Unlike standalone progressive slots, these machines are connected to various slot machines used across a city, state, country, or the continent.

In-House Progressive Jackpot Slots – Also known as the local or proprietary progressive jackpot slots, these are linked to a group of slot machines within a specific site. These slot games are developed, owned, and operated in house by the particular operator or gaming provider itself. Even though, they are not the multi-million jackpot with the huge winning amount still they offer a good winning amount. However, these are connected in-house, you may also find various jackpot linked together despite operating in different gaming providers. This is because they all are offered by the same gaming provider.