Why to see This Crocodile Bingo Review?

Within this Crocodile bingo review we’ll learn more about the bingo game as well as their promotions while offering.

Style of the bingo site

The style of the bingo site is only the way you’d would like it to end up like easy and vintage. The name Crocodile bingo includes a croc mascot known as Bruce which is designed like Mick Dundee in the movies proven within the 90s. It’s been redesigned for that current players and there are many changes done.

It arrives with a themed tutorial to help you not become lost. You’ll find what you’re searching for within the website easily. The Five free play includes a no deposit that’s needed and it is presented to brand new players. Additionally, you will such as the 300% bingo bonus around the first deposit. Your deposits may come from 5 to 60.

Deposit 5, get 15 bonus and have fun with 20

Deposit 10, get 30 bonus and have fun with 40

Deposit 20, get 60 bonus and have fun with 80


The promotions include Aussie themed titles and probably the most popular may be the 10k Budgie Smuggler which may be performed every Friday at 10pm. If you have made deposits, you’ll be able to claim 6 free bingo tickets to win 10,000 cash. There’s also another bingo game which is called Cent Possums which comes for 1p a ticket for six occasions each day.

You are able to take part in the game at 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 9pm and 11pm.

Support and help

The Crocodile bingo game is renowned for their support and help. They provide live help through their forums. If you think that you’ve had a problem show up or aren’t able to play couple of games because of technical problems, they’re immediately. They may be contacted on their own telephone number that is 0800 279 7927.

Their customer help team is professional and polite. They will help you solve issues without hassle. Phone and chat will be the fastest method of getting their attention. Additionally you send them an email at support[at]rocodilebingo[us dot]com or utilize the on-site form that is easy to fill. Replies are often submitted a couple-4 working days.