How to create confusion for other players at an online poker game?

Online poker games at poker 99 are filled with many fabulous players. Some here are new, some are learning, some are still exploring and some are very good at it. When playing poker there are times when winning becomes not everything but making the game interesting really does. This happens when a player is creating confusion on the table that changes the game plan of others. Most of the time other players fold that makes you the winner. If you are not good at remembering the sequence and how to win then creating confusion really works. Even you know that you are not winning but in this way, there are chances of winning.

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  • Playing really slow: Online games of poker 99 qq is really a fast pace game where many players really do not take too much time to make a move. There are features where the options like check, call, raise and fold can be set beforehand. This gives the advantage to making the game fast pace. But you are having the power of slowing down the game for others. There is always a time limit to make a move and why don’t use it. Take the game slowly as this will really confuse the other player as what in the world you are doing. If they are not confused then they surely are irritated of the slow game that’s been running.

  • Raise bets with smaller amount: When making bets from the first round you can increase the bets. Mostly it is seen that people raise the bet to a higher number chip. The option is to raise the bet and you can raise it with any number. There is no one to question for you about why you raise it by a small fraction, just remember it’s an online game. While other people rise the bet they have will be keeping your raised bet number in your mind too. Now, this confuses them and then a lack of concentration is there.

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  • When there are lesser chips then put all in: Certainly, this is done by most of the people. But you should do it before the last round or when there are not more than two people. Creating confusion at one person is really difficult but when two are there then it becomes very easy. Once the other person Fold then eventually the last player will be having second thoughts of Folding the cards.